Car Pricing

*Excessively dirty vehicles maybe higher in price*
*Add Hand Wax to any package for $50*

Bronze Package
Car - $55 / Mid-Size SUV - $60 / Large SUV, Trucks & Minivans - $65 


Wash & Dry Exterior
Vacuum Interior
Wipe Down Interior
Clean Windows
Clean Door Jams
Clean Wheels & Tires
Tire Shine
Shampoo Mats
Air Freshener
Spray Wax

Silver Package (Full Detail Interior & Exterior Wash) 
Car - $120 / Mid-Size SUV - $130 / Large SUV, Trucks & Minivans - $140 


Shampoo Carpets & Mats
Shampoo Upholstery
Clean Leather & Vinyl
Clean Dash & Console
Vacuum Trunk
Clean Windows & Mirrors
Clean Air Vents & Ash Trays
Protect Leather & Vinyl
Air Freshener
Hand Wash Exterior

Gold Package (Full Detail Exterior)
Car - $120 / Mid-Size SUV - $130 / Large SUV, Trucks & Minivans - $140 


Clean Engine
Wash & Dry Exterior
Hand Wax Exterior
Clean Wheels & Tires
Tire & Trim Shine
Polish Chrome Wheels & Accessories
Protect Rubber & Vinyl
Clean Windows & Mirrors

Platinum Package (Full Detail) 
Car - $190 / Mid-Size SUV - $205 / Large SUV, Trucks & Minivans - $220

This package includes all services from the Silver and
Gold package combined.

All Shine No Grime Package (Extensive Detail)
Call for current pricing

Includes Platinum Package plus the following:

Scratch Removal (Speed Polish) 3M compound polishing process
Claybar Exterior
Paint Protectant (1 year) 3M polish protectant
Fabric Protectant
Aquapel Glass Treatment
(This package will take up to 7 hours to complete)

Additional Services

Headlight Restoration                 $55
Fabric Protection                         $50
Engine Wash                                $30
Overspray Removal Call for Quote
Paint Touch Up Call for Quote
Oxidation Removal Call for Quote
Commercial Packages Call for Quote
Water Spot Removal Call for Quote 

Additional Services Available Upon Request

For the purpose of client satisfaction All Shine No Grime schedules clients in specific time slots during the work week. The failure of the client to give All Shine No Grime 48 hours notice of cancellation or change of the appointment is detrimental to the business of All Shine No Grime. Any client who schedules a time slot, appointment or regular detailing service acknowledges and agrees that All Shine No Grime reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee of $30.00 if client does not call within 48 hours to time services is scheduled. If All Shine No Grime shows up on location and client or client’s vehicle or recreational transportation are not present or do not show up on time scheduled, we reserve the right to charge a reasonable service fee for time lost.